Learn how to edit the homepage or create another landing page and customize it.

Then choose from the following widgets to create sections on your landing page. Demo the widgets interactively by viewing one of the Templates (or the Wowchemy homepage!).

  • Blank: Add any elements

    You can use the Blank widget to create your own home page sections. Add any page elements, such as an image gallery, and personalize the section with a background etc.

  • Create your own widget

    Looking to build and publish a Wowchemy widget that doesn’t exist yet?

  • About Me

    Introduce yourself to your readers.

  • Accomplishments

    List your accomplishments including certificates and courses attended.

  • Contact

    Communication is the cornerstone of almost any website, especially business sites. With Wowchemy, you can easily add communicate elements including a contact form, social messaging links, appointment booking, and a map to your website. A well-designed contact section is essential to network with other people, spark new business, and increase conversions.

  • Content Feed

    List your content such as blog posts, events, podcasts, videos, and publications. Choose from multiple built-in views (layouts) to display your content or create your own personalized view.

  • Experience & Education

    List your professional experience or education on a timeline.

  • Featured content

    Highlight featured blog posts (e.g. announcements), publications, and events. Featured pages are also known as sticky pages.

  • Hero

    The Hero widget can be used to encourage visitors to perform an action (CTA). It’s the first thing that visitors see when they visit your website, and it influences the way your visitors feel and behave on your site.

  • Portfolio: Filter Content

    With the Portfolio widget you can showcase your work and optionally enable visitors to filter the items.

  • Skills / Features

    As an individual, use the Featurette widget to showcase your skills and expertise. As an organization, use the widget to highlight the key features of your product or service.

  • Slider

    Promote a lot of content in a small space with a slider (carousel). Users can click the left and right arrows to move between slides, or you can automate slide transitions with a timer.

  • Tag Cloud

    Enable visitors to easily discover popular topics.

  • Team Members

    Introduce your team members.