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Create and personalize your own beautifully minimal website. Whether you’re showcasing your work and resumé, starting an online course or podcast, or building a business working from home, you can do it all with the open source Wowchemy website builder.

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Highly Flexible

Easily manage many different types of content including the homepage, blog posts, publications, talks, slides, online courses, software documentation, projects, and custom pages. Wowchemy even has multilingual support for 15+ languages.

Markdown, Code, Math

Write in Markdown (or RMarkdown) with support for code highlighting and LaTeX math formatting. You can even use our time-saving shortcodes too.

Themes & Plugins

Wowchemy has a powerful theme and plugin system. Themes let you modify Wowchemy’s colors to suit your preferences. Then choose the widgets you want and place them where you want.

Elements for Every Kind of Site

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Intuitive technical content writing.
  • Page builder - Create anything with widgets and elements
  • Edit any type of content - Blog posts, publications, talks, slides, projects, and more!
  • Create content in Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio
  • Plugin System - Fully customizable color and font themes
  • Display Code and Math - Code highlighting and LaTeX math supported
  • Integrations - Google Analytics, Disqus commenting, Maps, Contact Forms, and more!
  • Beautiful Site - Simple and refreshing one page design
  • Industry-Leading SEO - Help get your website found on search engines and social media
  • Media Galleries - Display your images and videos with captions in a customizable gallery
  • Mobile Friendly - Look amazing on every screen with a mobile friendly version of your site
  • Multi-language - 15+ language packs including English, 中文, and Português
  • Multi-user - Each author gets their own profile page
  • Privacy Pack - Assists with GDPR
  • Stand Out - Bring your site to life with animation, parallax backgrounds, and scroll effects
  • One-Click Deployment - No servers. No databases. Only files.

This website is powered by Wowchemy, GitHub, and Netlify, and can be built in under 10 minutes for free.

Explore the personal demo or project/organization demo (this site), and then consider heading on over to install and personalize your own site.

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If you’re an academic you need a website so that people can easily find info about your research and publications. Here’s how to make your own website for free in an under an hour...

Dan Quintana


I have been so satisfied with my website built from Markdown using the awesome [Wowchemy] framework by @GeorgeCushen!

Nathan Genetzky


Very proud of the new DAPPER Stats website we #MadeWith[Wowchemy]!



A project that helps you put together a website with Markdown and Hugo. While it's geared towards educators and researchers, anyone can use it — and it comes with a variety of widgets and themes to help share your work quickly.



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