Create a landing page

So you would like to create a page which utilizes Wowchemy’s widget system, similar to the homepage?

To manage the home page (a special Widget Page), refer to the Getting Started and Page Builder guides.

Create a new folder in your content folder, naming it with your new page name. In this example, we will create a landing page by creating a content/landing/ folder to contain our new sections (widget instances).

Within your new content/landing/ folder, create a file named containing the following YAML parameters:

title: "Landing Page"  # Add a page title.
summary: "Hello!"  # Add a page description.
date: "2019-01-01T00:00:00Z"  # Add today's date.
type: "widget_page"  # Page type is a Widget Page

Now, we can use the page builder to add sections into your content/landing/ folder. Widgets can also be copied from your content/home/ folder or from the template you are using, such as the Academic template.

We can also create a menu link to our new Widget Page. Given a Widget Page folder named landing, open config/_default/menu.toml in your editor and add:

  name = "My Widget Page"  # Title of the link.
  url = "landing/"  # Widget Page folder name.
  weight = 2  # Position of the link in the navigation bar.
To create the new widget pages, an Academic version from 18 March 2019 onwards is required (corresponding to v4.2 dev or greater).