Version 4.2 (April 2019)

Release Notes tell you what’s new in Academic. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug report. Want to update to this version? Refer to the update guide in conjunction with the parameter changes mentioned in the Breaking Changes section below.

See what’s new in Academic!

Welcome to the v4.2 release of Academic. There are a number of exciting updates in this version that we hope you will like, including:

Version 4.2 adds support for Preprint, Thesis, and Patent as publication types.

Breaking changes

Here are some considerations to make when updating Academic from the previous version, v4.1.0:


  • Added Preprint, Thesis, and Patent as publication types (#769)


  • Improve appearance of Experience & Accomplishments widgets
    • New mobile first approach improves style of widgets on small devices
  • Add option to customize section spacing
  • Fix citation view not working in Pages or Featured widgets (#961)
  • Fix tag and category filters not working in Pages and Featured widgets (#989)
  • Fix exclude_past and exclude_future not working in Pages or Featured widgets
  • Fix custom sorting not working in Pages or Featured widgets
  • Fix “See More” link in Pages widget not appearing
  • Fix Citation View - do not colour authors as links
  • Fix Hero text color when text_color_light = false


  • Add ability to auto update the copyright year in the site footer
    • To use, add {year} to Copyright option in config.toml. Displays current year.

Language Packs

  • Update Chinese translation (#979)

Thank you

Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You to all the folks that helped to make Academic even better.

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