Promote a lot of content in a small space with a slider (carousel). Users can click the left and right arrows to move between slides, or you can automate slide transitions with a timer.

The section in the demo uses the Slider widget. Set active: true in its front matter to view the section.

Each slide is defined as an item in the section front matter. A title and content can be set for each slide - Markdown formatting and emojis can be used. The content of each slide can be left, center, or right aligned.

Optionally, a call-to-action (CTA) button can be added to a slide to encourage visitors to perform an action. The snippet below provides an example of using the cta_* options to add a CTA button to a slide.

Customize each slide with a background color (overlay_color) or image (overlay_img) by referencing an image filename in assets/media/. The text color for slides is always white unless it is overrided using custom CSS styling.

To show the widget in a section, reference it in your section’s front matter:

widget: slider
headless: true  # This file represents a page section.

# ... Put Your Section Options Here (section position etc.) ...

# Slide interval.
# Use `false` to disable animation or enter a time in ms, e.g. `5000` (5s).
interval: false

# Minimum slide height.
# Specify a height to ensure a consistent height for each slide.
height: 300px

  - title: Hello
    content: 'I am center aligned 😄'
    # Choose `center`, `left`, or `right` alignment.
    align: center
    # Overlay a color or image (optional).
    #   Deactivate an option by commenting out the line, prefixing it with `#`.
    overlay_color: '#666'  # An HTML color value.
    overlay_img: bubbles.jpg  # Image path relative to your `assets/media/` folder
    overlay_filter: 0.5  # Darken the image. Value in range 0-1.
    # Call to action button (optional).
    #   Activate the button by specifying a URL and button label below.
    #   Deactivate by commenting out parameters, prefixing lines with `#`.
    cta_label: Download my app
    cta_url: ''
    cta_icon_pack: fas
    cta_icon: graduation-cap
  - title: Left
    content: 'I am left aligned 😄'
    align: left
    overlay_color: '#555'
    overlay_img: ''
    overlay_filter: 0.5
  - title: Right
    content: 'I am right aligned 😄'
    align: right
    overlay_color: '#333'
    overlay_img: ''
    overlay_filter: 0.5

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