Content Feed

List your recently published content such as blog posts, events, podcasts, videos, and publications.

List your recent pages.
List your recent pages.

There are three sections in the demo that use the Pages widget. These include home/, home/, and home/

Edit the front matter of a section to personalize the view and other options shown below:

widget: pages
headless: true  # This file represents a page section.

# ... Put Your Section Options Here (title etc.) ...

  # Filter content to display
      - post
    tag: ''
    category: ''
    publication_type: ''
    author: ''
    exclude_featured: false
    exclude_future: false
    exclude_past: false
  # Choose how many pages you would like to display (0 = all pages)
  count: 10
  # Choose how many pages you would like to offset by
  offset: 0
  # Page order. Descending (desc) or ascending (asc) date.
  order: desc
  # Toggle between the various page layout types. 
  view: compact
  columns: '2'

Note: the folders filter was added in v5.5-dev, prior to this use the content.item_type key to set a single page type (e.g. post) to display.