Featured content

Highlight featured blog posts (e.g. announcements), publications, and events. Featured pages are also known as sticky pages.

The Featured widget is similar to the Pages widget, but with a focus on featured content rather than recent content.

The featured.md section in the demo uses the Featured widget.

Edit the front matter of a section to add the Featured widget and personalize its options such as the view:

widget: featured
headless: true  # This file represents a page section.

# ... Put Your Section Options Here (title etc.) ...

  # Page type to display. E.g. post, event, or publication.
  page_type: publication
  # Choose how much pages you would like to display (0 = all pages)
  count: 0
  # Page order. Descending (desc) or ascending (asc) date.
  order: desc
  # Optionally filter posts by a taxonomy term.
    tag: ''
    category: ''
    publication_type: ''
  # Toggle between the various page layout types.
  #   1 = List
  #   2 = Compact
  #   3 = Card
  #   4 = Citation (publication only)
  view: 3