Version 5.0 Beta 3 (February 2021)

What’s new?

  • Automatically scroll active book menu and ToC links into view
  • Fix active link highlighting occasionally highlighting previous ToC link for some Book anchors
  • New Wowchemy CMS module which supports
    • configurable Git branch (master/main)
    • instant local editing without connecting to your remote GitHub repo
    • an editorial workflow (have your team review edits before they go live)
    • Updated CMS guide and migration steps can be found below
  • Improved security of sites (from B to A score)
    • Refer to the Security guide
    • Introduced Referrer Policy and configurable Permissions (with secure default) for enhanced security
  • Support Google Site Verification
  • Support Google Optimize
    • via params.toml -> marketing -> google_optimize
  • Add emoji_list shortcode to support unstyled lists with emojis or icons

Other notable changes include:

  • Improved consistency of landing page section headers across responsive breakpoints (#2123)
    • For example, irrespective of design.columns, headings are centered on mobile
  • Dispatch wcThemeChange event to support themeable user plugins
  • Added Brazil (pt-br) address format (#2118)
  • Add Israel (il) address format (#2133)
  • Add Finnish (fi) address format (#2135)
  • Made “authors” label in search results translatable (#2115)
  • No longer prevent loading GA if GTM provided, in case admin wants both
  • Fix Google Analytics console message in Firefox: Cookie “_ga” will be soon rejected

Update to this version

❤️ If you upgrade, please support the significant effort which goes into this open source movement by kindly giving back and sponsoring on GitHub

hugo mod clean
hugo mod get[email protected]
hugo mod get[email protected]

Supported Hugo Versions

Compatible with Hugo Extended v0.78.2 to v0.80.0. Future Hugo versions may work but are untested.

  • If you deploy with Netlify, update HUGO_VERSION in netlify.toml to "0.80.0".
  • If you run Hugo on your computer, update the Hugo Extended app to a compatible version

Apply Breaking Changes

  • In params.toml,
    • Under search, rename engine to provider with options "", "wowchemy", or "algolia"
    • Under comments, rename engine to provider with options "", "disqus", or "commento"
    • Under map, rename engine to provider with options "", "google", "mapnik", or "mapbox"

Migrate to the new Wowchemy CMS

  1. Edit config/_default/config.toml to remove netlify-cms-academic and install the wowchemy-cms Hugo Module so that you have something like:

      # Any existing modules here...
        path = ""
        path = ""
  2. Create a content/admin/ file containing:

    type: wowchemycms
      - wowchemycms_config
      - HTML
  3. (Optional) If your Git repository’s branch is not main, define it in config/_default/params.toml:

      branch = "master"

Example migration

View an example migration - ignore changes to files in the exampleSite/ folder though.

Known Issues

  • Comment provider not found when enabling comments in params.toml
    • Fixed in v5.1
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