Version 5.0 Beta 3 (February 2021)

What’s new?

  • Automatically scroll active book menu and ToC links into view
  • Fix active link highlighting occasionally highlighting previous ToC link for some Book anchors
  • New Wowchemy CMS module which supports
    • configurable Git branch (master/main)
    • instant local editing without connecting to your remote GitHub repo
    • an editorial workflow (have your team review edits before they go live)
    • Updated CMS guide and migration steps can be found below
  • Improved security of sites (from B to A score)
    • Refer to the Security guide
    • Introduced Referrer Policy and configurable Permissions (with secure default) for enhanced security
  • Support Google Site Verification
  • Support Google Optimize
    • via params.toml -> marketing -> google_optimize
  • Add emoji_list shortcode to support unstyled lists with emojis or icons

Other notable changes include:

  • Improved consistency of landing page section headers across responsive breakpoints (#2123)
    • For example, irrespective of design.columns, headings are centered on mobile
  • Dispatch wcThemeChange event to support themeable user plugins
  • Added Brazil (pt-br) address format (#2118)
  • Add Israel (il) address format (#2133)
  • Add Finnish (fi) address format (#2135)
  • Made “authors” label in search results translatable (#2115)
  • No longer prevent loading GA if GTM provided, in case admin wants both
  • Fix Google Analytics console message in Firefox: Cookie “_ga” will be soon rejected

Update to this version

❤️ If you upgrade, please support the significant effort which goes into this open source movement by kindly giving back and sponsoring on GitHub

hugo mod clean
hugo mod get
hugo mod get

Supported Hugo Versions

Compatible with Hugo Extended v0.78.2 to v0.80.0. Future Hugo versions may work but are untested.

  • If you deploy with Netlify, update HUGO_VERSION in netlify.toml to "0.80.0".
  • If you run Hugo on your computer, update the Hugo Extended app to a compatible version

Apply Breaking Changes

  • In params.toml,
    • Under search, rename engine to provider with options "", "wowchemy", or "algolia"
    • Under comments, rename engine to provider with options "", "disqus", or "commento"
    • Under map, rename engine to provider with options "", "google", "mapnik", or "mapbox"

Migrate to the new Wowchemy CMS

  1. Edit config/_default/config.toml to remove netlify-cms-academic and install the wowchemy-cms Hugo Module so that you have something like:

      # Any existing modules here...
        path = ""
        path = ""
  2. Create a content/admin/ file containing:

    type: wowchemycms
      - wowchemycms_config
      - HTML
  3. (Optional) If your Git repository’s branch is not main, define it in config/_default/params.toml:

      branch = "master"

Example migration

View an example migration - ignore changes to files in the exampleSite/ folder though.

Known Issues

  • Comment provider not found when enabling comments in params.toml
    • Fixed in v5.1
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