Version 4.8 (March 2020)

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Welcome to the v4.8 release of Academic.

Version 4.8 adds support for editing your content online in [Netlify CMS](
Version 4.8 adds support for editing your content online in Netlify CMS.

There are a number of exciting updates in this version that we hope you will like, including:

  • Admin interface to easily edit content online
  • The shape of avatars can now be configured as a square or circle
  • New icon shortcode added to render icons within Markdown content
  • Show profile cards for all page authors, not just the first author
    • If profile in params.toml is set to true, an author profile card will be displayed at the end of the page for every author (assuming that a profile has been setup for them under content/authors/)
  • Add ID to figures to make them linkable (#1475)
    • Right click a figure and click Inspect in your browser to grab the value of the figure’s id field to use for linking in the form [a link to a figure](#figure-FIGURES-CAPTION)
  • Filter by author in instances of the Pages and Featured widgets
    • Under [content.filters] in the widget front matter add the username in the new author filter, e.g. author = "admin"
  • Add option to link to archive of all pages of that type from the Feature widget
    • E.g. if you show featured publications, you can show a link to all publications under the featured publications
    • To add a “See all” link underneath featured content, set link_to_archive = true under the [content] section in the front matter of the Featured widget
  • Re-adds support for opening external Markdown links in new tabs using Hugo’s new render hooks (the feature broke in Hugo v0.60 and was replaced with an alternative approach in Hugo v0.62)
  • Fixes support for customising font themes with font names containing spaces
  • Fixes external links opening both in current tab and in a new tab when using Google Analytics (via google_analytics in params.toml)
  • Fixes lazy loading of images causing inaccurate anchor scrolling and active link highlighting
    • As of a previous release, gallery and figure images are lazy loaded to speed up page load. However, lazy loading without initial image sizes defined can lead to inaccurate anchor scrolling and active link highlighting as the anchor offset changes after an uncached image occurring before the anchor is lazily loaded. This update helps resolve this. See #1199 comment.

Breaking changes

  • Hugo Extended v0.62+ required - tested with v0.63.1 and v0.66.0 and
  • If using Netlify, edit the Hugo version in netlify.toml to 0.66.0

See the latest parameters for help upgrading the following params:

  • shape option added under new [avatar] section in params.toml
  • gravatar option moved under new [avatar] section in params.toml

Netlify CMS

We have added support for writing blog posts and editing privacy policy and terms pages with Netlify CMS, a free (open source) online content editor. We hope to expand support to other page types in the future.

To use,

  • Login to Netlify, find the site you deployed with Netlify, and add yourself as an editor under the Identity section
  • Copy the admin folder over to your static/ folder and push your changes to your remote Git repository, such as Github
  • Wait for your updated site to successfully deploy with Netlify, and head over to to view your content management panel

You can now easily edit blog posts online, as in the screenshot above.

Note that you don’t need to deploy a site with in order to use Netlify CMS. However, in the default Netlify CMS provided, we assume the site is deployed with as we leverage its Identity feature to setup and authenticate people as content editors.

For multilingual sites, the content paths will need modifying appropriately in the Netlify CMS config file at static/admin/config.yml.


  • Fix logo in navbar transforming into site title on mobile. See #1439. Fixes #1507.
  • Fix issue with taxonomy links (such as author links) breaking when the term name (such as author name) contains punctuation or certain other non-ASCII characters (Fixes #1575 and #1563)
    • Ensure removePathAccents = true in config.toml to workaround the Hugo bug: gohugoio/hugo#5687
  • Remove space after author names in MLA citation list (#1536)
  • Add support for external_link in archives
    • Improves consistency: external projects are now opened in new tab whether they are viewed from the Portfolio widget or archive page. See #1525.
  • Only allow auto day/night when day_night enabled. See #1526.
  • Fix inconsistent breakpoints for body margin-top and navbar height
  • Fix color of back to top arrow in dark mode

Language Packs

  • Add Czech language (#1555)
  • Add Latvian language (#1531)
  • Add Khmer language (#1523)
  • Update Basque (#1539)
  • Update Korean (#1538)


  • add options to customise length of listing summaries (#1374)
    • When summary is defined, the full summary text is now shown in listings
    • Add summaryLength = 30 (length in words) to config.toml to customise automatic summaries from using <!--more--> tag or full content (when summary and abstract are not defined)
    • Add abstract_length = 135 (length in characters) to params.toml to customise truncation when abstract is used as the summary
  • style: upgrade Bootstrap from 4.3.1 to 4.4.1

Thank you

Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You to all the folks that helped to make Academic even better.

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