Version 2.2 (May 2018)

Release Notes tell you what’s new in Academic. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug report. Want to update to this version? Refer to the update guide in conjunction with the parameter changes mentioned in the Breaking Changes section below.

See what’s new in Academic!

Welcome to the May 2018 release of Academic. There are a number of updates in this version that we hope you will like, including:

  • New card style for detailed list views
  • Add optional simple listing format for the Post Widget which only displays post titles
  • New shortcodes for displaying videos, highlighting quotes, and embedding Google Docs (e.g. slides)
  • Support external header images - for example, the ability to provide an image URL as a featured image
  • Add optional Privacy Pack to enhance privacy such as by displaying a cookie consent message and anonymizing IPs for Google Analytics
  • Added Bahasa Indonesia and Greek translations

Breaking changes

Here are some considerations to make when updating Academic from the previous version, v2.1.0:

  • View changes to config.toml - scroll down to the changes for the exampleSite/config.toml file
  • Figures are now unnumbered by default
  • New entries added to language packs

Content pages

  • Apply card style to detailed list views
  • Support external header images - for example, the ability to provide an image URL (#461, #488)
  • Projects: fix project links for multilingual sites (#442)
  • Publications: make title width consistent with other pages (#372)


  • dark theme: Add support for MathJax zoom


  • Add Google Docs shortcode
  • figure shortcode: Support i18n and unnumbered captions
    • Figures are now unnumbered by default
    • To number a figure, use the form:
      • {{< figure src="image.jpg" title="Caption" numbered="true" >}}
    • Add i18n translation for “Figure” in captions
  • post widget: Add optional simple listing format to only display post titles
    • To use, set list_format = 0 in widget
  • Add hl shortcode for highlighting key phrases
    • E.g. {{< hl >}}highlighted quote{{< /hl >}}
  • Add video shortcode
  • Remove image shadow from image shortcode
  • About Widget: center multi-line social icons


  • Add Greek and Bahasa Indonesia translations
  • Update English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese translations


  • Add Privacy Pack
    • To enable, set privacy_pack = true in config.toml
    • Shows a cookie consent message to visitors
    • Anonymizes IP in Google Analytics (if enabled)
  • Prevent wrapping in code blocks
  • List most recent content on 404 error page
  • Wrap long words in headings to prevent overlapping content
  • Add support for uglyURLs = true

Thank you

Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You to all the folks that helped to make Academic even better.

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