Version 2 (22 October 2017)

Release Notes tell you what’s new in Academic. As always, we welcome your feedback. You can also file a bug report. Want to update to this version? Refer to the update guide in conjunction with the parameter changes mentioned in the Breaking Changes section below.

See what’s new in Academic!

Welcome to the October 2017 release of Academic. There are a number of significant updates in this version that we hope you will like, including:

  • New theme system (with 4 color themes and 3 font styles to choose from)
  • New widget page system - create similar pages to the homepage
  • New APA and MLA citation styles
  • Enable users to copy or download citations
  • Projects widget is now reusable and the default filter can be changed
  • New Tag Cloud and Hero widgets for you to use on the homepage or widget pages
  • New shortcode to generate table of contents for posts
  • Support for Google Maps in Contact Widget
  • Listings are displayed consistently across homepage and archive pages
  • Posts and Publications widgets have improved filtering options, enabling creation of multiple widget instances which are filtered on different content types
  • project page: List associated talks and publications
  • talks: Add start and end times
default theme
ocean theme
forest theme
coffee theme

Breaking changes

Here are some considerations to make when updating Academic from the previous version, v0.29.0:

  • Requires Hugo 0.30.2+
  • View config.toml changes
  • Changes to parameters in widgets and content frontmatter - refer to [Breaking Change] notices in the following section below. If any errors arise, we recommend comparing the frontmatter of the updated example site content with the frontmatter parameters in your content files.
  • Translations: if you are using a non-English or customized language file, the relevant translation in themes/academic/i18n/ may require updating based on the changes to the English language file. English, Chinese, French, and Spanish appear to be up-to-date.
  • If your publication and talk abstracts contain math, they may require further escaping to prevent them being parsed as Markdown (see Math section in Page Elements documentation)

In this update


  • Add theme system - easily customize your site’s color theme and font style!
    • Add 4 themes
    • Add 3 font styles
  • Add widget page system (create similar pages to the homepage)
  • config: Add option to display logo instead of title in nav bar (#214)
    • Add logo = "" to [params] config


Introducing the Cite feature:

Introducing the *Cite* feature. Enable users to copy and download your Bibtex citations.
Introducing the Cite feature. Enable users to copy and download your Bibtex citations.

  • Add citation system - users can copy or download Bibtex citations
    • A ‘Cite’ button will be automatically generated when a Bibtex file, such as my-paper.bib, is placed in static/files/citations/ folder. Note that the Bibtex filename should match the name of your publication Markdown file in content/publication/, such that you may have content/publication/**my-paper**.md and static/files/citations/**my-paper**.bib.
    • Refer to the latest demo and example site code for an example.
  • Posts: Show related content (Refer to
  • Publications: Support APA and MLA citation formats (#235 #305)
    • [BREAKING CHANGE]: boolean detailed_list has changed to integer list_format parameter in pub. widgets and pub. archive
    • list_format has following options: 0 = Simple, 1 = Detailed, 2 = APA, 3 = MLA
  • Publication archive: Add filter for year (Close #171)
  • Posts: Add estimated reading time to post metadata
    • To disable, set reading_time = false under [params] config
  • Posts: Support lastmod param to show date last modified, e.g. lastmod = 2017-09-25
  • Posts: Option to show comment count and other improvements
    • add comment_count = true to [params] config
    • add section_pager = false to [params] config to disable pager by default
    • move tags from post metadata bar to post footer
  • Publications: display listings consistently across both publication widgets and publication archive
  • Publications: optional buttons added for preprint (url_preprint), poster (url_poster), source document (url_source), and cite (see citation feature above)
  • Posts: display listings consistently across both post widget and post archive
  • Talks: display listings consistently across both talk widget and talk archive
    • talk widget: Change detailed_list = false option to list_format = 0 [BREAKING CHANGE]
  • Talk detail page: Show start time and add date_end option for showing end time and duration of talk/event
  • Both Talk and Publication abstracts are now parsed for Markdown


Introducing the Hero widget:

Introducing the *Hero* widget. Choose your background and then add a title, subtitle, and optional call-to-action button.
Introducing the Hero widget. Choose your background and then add a title, subtitle, and optional call-to-action button.

  • about widget: Allow for multiple organizations
    • Add organizations = [ {name="Org Name", url=""} ] to [params] config
    • Remove organization and organization_url options from config (although they remain supported)
    • Only show role if it is set
  • Add Hero widget
  • Publication widget: Add filter for publication type
    • Add publication_type = "-1" option to home/ and home/
  • Add tag cloud widget - you may add the tag cloud widget to your content/home/ folder
  • Posts widget: Add filter to exclude tags
    • Change tags option to tags_include [BREAKING CHANGE]
    • Add tags_exclude option
  • widgets: Add active option to activate/deactivate widgets
  • Project widget: Make widget reusable (multiple widget instances now possible)
  • Project widget: Enable changing default filter (#88)
    • Use filter_default = 0 to specify index of default filter
  • Support for Google Maps in Contact Widget.
  • About widget: Add work around to prevent uBlock browser plugin blocking social network icons
  • Project widget: Fix items occasionally overlapping when in list view (Fix #71)
  • Markdownify the interests list and talk abstracts, and support multiline address formatting


  • Add toc shortcode for generating table of contents (see Page Elements documentation)
  • Add staticref shortcode for linking files (#236) (see Page Elements documentation)


  • Add Korean translation (#257)
  • Update English, Chinese, French, and Spanish translations


  • Improve 404 error page (#332)
    • Add page translation
  • Improve versioning and SRI for JS and CSS dependencies
    • Parameterize JS and CSS versions in data/sri.toml (no longer hardcoded)
    • Highlight.js version moved from config.toml to data/sri.toml

Thank you

Last but certainly not least, a big Thank You to all the folks that helped to make Academic even better.

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