Wowchemy in 2020

It’s been an important year for Wowchemy as new users and organizations turn to it to share and collaborate online

First, a BIG thank you to all the sponsors on GitHub and Patreon for helping Wowchemy to continue growing and evolving throughout 2020, as well as to all of you who have kindly donated a coffee to provide the energy for all the improvements over the last year.

Over 200,000 sites #MadeWithWowchemy in 190 countries this year.

Lots of people learned from Wowchemy Docs, collectively reading non-stop for 1,000+ days.

Contributors grew by 31% to 140 people.

2020 has seen 506 amazing contributions by 82 kind contributors to the main Wowchemy code base, increasing code volume by 140%. Geo leads Wowchemy development with a significant amount of contributions, but also a big shoutout to paazca for contributing fixes and translations, Mohammad AlMarzouq for helping upgrade the Markdown Slides feature, and X for proactively helping to increase security.

Many have also been busy improving Acadmic CLI, the BibTeX publication importer, which has received 66 contributions by 10 contributors. A special thanks to X

Want to contribute? Learn both technical and non-technical ways to get involved!

We released some super cool features this year.

What our community had to say about the milestone.

The Open Neuroscience website runs on @GoHugoIO and the great #MadeWithAcademic template, which comes with easy tagging and searching.

All of this is only possible because of the many excellent #opensource projects available out there and the many people that believe that #open is really the best way to do things! So here is our thanks to all of them!!

- Open Neuroscience

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Here are some of the incredible user projects.

As you know, Wowchemy is a website building framework for Hugo, the tool which packages Markdown and Wowchemy website components into an HTML site which can be hosted anywhere. In 2020, Hugo significantly evolved by implementing a plugin-like “module” system similar to competing tools, that now forms the “core building blocks in Hugo”. This powerful new way of building Hugo sites has led Hugo to grow to become the second most popular static site generator by GitHub stars (49.4k), overtaking Gatsby (48.7k).

During this time, we took the initiative to future-proof the site building framework, converting it to Hugo Modules, and grouping all the related GitHub projects and templates under a unified name, Wowchemy. Awesome benefits of the new Hugo-based system include being able to update with a single command, and having flexibility to further customize sites with Hugo modules (plugins).

Wowchemy now has:

Our new community on Discord, where you can learn from others in real-time and get regular news, has also rapidly grown to an incredible 500+ users.

Come to join us on Discord and spread the word with your friends and colleagues who publish with Wowchemy. A big thanks to the community moderators, Christian and Rodri, for their relentless effort helping the community on Discord and the forum.


Thank you for being part of our year.

💙 Wowchemy

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